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 The only city in the world with a love guarantee

It might seem bogus but The Love Guarantee turns in to reality if you give it a try.

Most students  get a boyfriend or girlfriend at least once during the course of their studies. This is why we dare guarantee that you will meet that special someone and fall in love as a student in Trondheim. It might not happen the very first day of your semester, but be patient! Of course, if you`re already in a relationship, you do not have to break up to come to Trondheim. Bring your loved one along!

As a student city Trondheim is quite unique. Amongst the 30 000 of the city`s 170 000 residents are students. This means that every fifth citizen is a student, and this of course affects the city. Trondheim is a young, vibrant, pulsating city with a rich culture scene and a range of arenas for you to meet your future loved one. Studentersamfundet gathers students from all over the city across institutions and curriculums. The red, round student community house is well known far outside Trondheim for the strong engagement of its members, the late parties and the variations of extracurricular activities. This is the place if you want to get to know people from other campuses and in the end; it`s up to you what you get out of your new friendships…



As with every written guarantee, you might want to read the small text…

In order for the Love Guarantee to apply, you have to do some effort on your own as well. You must act nice, at least most of the time, and be relatively clean. You also have to get out of the reading room and out of your house every once in a while. Going to the groceries or the post office does not count.  It is said to definitely help if you cross the bridge called “Lykkens Portal” (The portal of happiness) or strut down the Nordre Street at least a couple of times a week. You also need to be willing to engage in some extracurricular activities. There`s an endless number of student organizations and things to get involved in as a student in Trondheim. There are a wide range of student interest groups such as university press and broadcasting, film clubs, different festivals (for instance UKA – the largest music festival in Norway, or ISFIT – the largest student festival in the world), theatre, the student society house "Samfundet," and more than 50 different organized sports activities for students. If you do not find what you are looking for, there is always room for more so do not hesitate to start your own organization or activity group. Finding someone to share an interest with might be the very first step  towards sharing romantic dinners...

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