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Roof over your head - August 5th to September 3rd 2014.

This year our city's brand new hotel, Scandic Lerkendal, will be giving new students in Trondheim a roof above their heads!

Trondheim has the reputation of being Norway’s number one student city, and 34 000 students live and study here. Every year 8000 new students arrive, and unfortunately they often experience great difficulties in finding a good place to live before the semester starts. This is why Trondheim invented the “Roof over your head”-guarantee 11 years ago, a guarantee that has been upheld ever since.

How does it work?

The guarantee applies to new students who have been accepted to either of the following institutions: NTNU, HiST, BI, DMMH and Folkeuniversitetets jusavdeling (law). Students will be asked to show a valid letter of acceptance upon arrival.

At Roof over your head you can choose between the following rooms:

Single                         NOK 495 per person

Double                        NOK 395 per person

Triple                         NOK 295 per person

Dormitory                   NOK 150 per person

Breakfast and wifi is included.

You will be able to buy lunch, dinner and supper at the hotel (with a student discount).
You are committed to stay for a minimum of 4 days, and to pay for these 4 days upon arrival.
The rooms are cleaned and towels are changed once every week.
The reception is open 24/7. If you want to extend your stay, or check out of the hotel, this has to be done before 12 noon.

Sharing a room

You can choose a double or triple room even if you arrive alone. The hotel will take care of filling vacant beds. If your roommate moves out, the hotel will try to find someone else. If the bed remains empty, you have to accept being moved to another double/triple room.

Rooms with 4 beds are available for groups at a cost of 195 NOK/person.


If you want to stay in the dormitory, you have to bring your own towels and bed linen (sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover) or sleeping bag. Toilets are easily accessible from the dormitory. You can shower at the hotel spa. Remember to keep your belongings in the secure luggage room at the hotel, and only bring what you really need to the dormitory.


The hotel takes no responsibility for any of your belongings, so it is important to take good care of your own things. We recommend you make good use of the secure luggage room at the hotel, and only bring with you what is strictly necessary to the shared rooms or the dormitory.


Scandic Lerkendal

Klæbuveien 132

7031 Trondheim

Phone: +47 21 61 51 00

(Use this postal adress if you need to receive mail while staying at Roof over Your Head)


Booking: annlaug.gronnesby[a]

State the date of your arrival, how long you plan to stay, and what kind of room you prefer.


Information desk/housing assistance

StudiebyEN will help you in your search for housing. We can give advice on how to go about the rental market in Trondheim, help you with contracts and give tips on what to look for when you go to apartment viewings. You will find us in the hotel lobby, or you can contact us by e-mail: info[a]
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